[550] Pathologic and Molecular Characteristics of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma in Pediatric Patients and Young Adults

Matthew Horne, Sudhir Perincheri, Renu Virk, Pei Hui, Raffaella Morotti, Constantine Theoharis, Manju Prasad. Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

Background: BRAF V600E mutation is the most frequent genetic abnormality detected in PTC (∼40-70%). However, its incidence and significance in PTC in younger patients is unknown.
Design: Since routine testing for BRAF V600E of PTC was started at our institution, 16 PTC were identified in pediatric patients (age ≤18 years), and 43 PTC were identified in young adults (age 19 to 29 years). The pathologic characteristics and BRAF V600E mutation status were reviewed.
Results: The age range of the pediatric group included patients 11 to 18 years, whereas the young adult group included patients 19-29 years. The PTC tumors in the pediatric group included 12 classic type (75%) and 4 follicular variant (25%). The PTC tumors in the young adult group included 28 classic type (65%), 7 follicular variant (16%), 3 diffuse sclerosing type (7%), 2 subcapsular sclerosing type (5%) with one oncocytic variant (2%), one Warthin-like variant(2%), and one capsular variant (2%). The pathologic results are summarized in the table. BRAF V600E mutation was found in 6/16 (38%) of the pediatric tumors and 24/43 (67%) of the young adult tumors.

Pathologic Characteristics in Pediatric and Young Adult PTC
Age GroupF:M RatioAverage Tumor SizeMultifocalLVIPos LNETECLT
≤18 (n=16)2.2:1 (11:5)1.7 cm44%(7)38% (6)53%(8)19%(3)63%(10)
19-29 (n=43)6.2:1 (37:6)2 cm44%(19)44%(19)60%(26)26%(11)37%(16)
LVI: lymphovascular invasion, Pos LN: any positive lymph nodes, ETE: Extrathyroidal extension, CLT: chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis or Hashimoto thyroiditis

Conclusions: PTC in the pediatric poulation seems to be different from PTC in young adults in terms of gender distribution and frequency of BRAF V600E mutation.
Category: Endocrine

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