[526] The Value of Tracking Forms in a Pathology Residency Program To Improve Resident Self-Reflection

Erwin Shaw, Jessica Stepp, Kathleen Jones, Arundhati Rao. Scott & White Healthcare, Temple, TX

Background: Self-reflection is crucial to increasing performance for medical residents and in particular enhances performance in pathology residents. Few systems exist to ensure that pathology residents are self-reflecting and show documented performance increases. The Scott & White Pathology Residency Program implemented the use of tracking forms as a means to increase self-reflection and document changes in performance. A questionnaire was distributed to the residents to measure the success of the Surgical Pathology Tracking Forms.
Design: A case based tracking form was introduced to the Pathology residents in 2011 to record cases and document minor, major, or no discrepancy in their final report compared to their supervising staff pathologist's final report. Specific comments about the discrepancies were also recorded. The discrepancies ranged from errors in diagnosis for newer residents to dictation style for advanced residents. The residents were and are expected to maintain copies of these forms and review them. After two months of use with the tracking forms a questionnaire was given to the 12 participating pathology residents. Six questions were asked to determine if residents felt they experienced improvement in their performance and if there was improvement in staff pathologist feedback. On the questionnaire, the resident was given the following choice of responses: major decrease, minor decrease, no change, minor improvement and major improvement. The residents also provided comments on its value.
Results: 100% of respondents identified progress and case sign-out accuracy as minor or major improvement. 83% reported an improvement in feedback from staff pathologists. 50% reported improvement in assessing their case sign-out speed. 17% saw minor improvement in assessing the accuracy of their grossing skills. All residents answered no change to assessing their grossing speed. As a result of the positive feedback, the program is introducing a similar tracking form for Clinical Pathology.
Conclusions: Our results show that all participants felt greater satisfaction in identifying progress, sign-out accuracy and feedback from the staff pathologist. This implies an increase in self-reflection and therefore the potential for improved performance. We believe, in the long term, this tracking form will allow for continued resident self-reflection, inspire residents to seek out additional learning opportunities, and allow for meaningful discussion between the Program Director and resident concerning self-reflection and improvement.
Category: Education

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 9:30 AM

Poster Session III # 57, Tuesday Morning


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