[311] Cellular Fibroepithelial Lesions of the Breast: Histologic Evaluation and Long Term Follow Up

Saba Yasir, Teresa M Allers, Roberto G Gamez, Marlene Frost, Aziza Nassar, Daniel W Visscher. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Background: Cellular fibroepithelial lesions (CFL) comprise a spectrum of breast tumors characterized by prominent stromal cellularity, minimal or mild atypia and focal mitotic activity. CFL represent a mixture of cellular fibroadenoma (CFA), benign phyllodes tumors (BPT) and juvenile fibroadenoma. As a group histological classification is often problematic. Further CFL have been insufficiently studied for their local recurrence potential. The aim of the study was to evaluate the histologic features of CFL and characterize their long term follow up and recurrence rate.
Design: Forty one CFL were recovered from the benign breast disease cohort at Mayo Clinic (1967-2000). Cases with a combination of mitotic activity, intracanalicular growth and mild atypia were classified as BPT (23 of 41). Eleven of 41 the lesions were classified as CFA, and 7 of the 41 cases had overlapping morphology (indeterminate category). None of these patients were widely excised. Size of the tumors and follow up on the patients were retrieved from the clinical records. Mean follow up is 20.78 years (range: 3 to 44 years).

Table #1: Demographic and Follow up characteristics of Cellular Fibroepithelial Lesions
 Mean AgeMean Tumor SizeNumber of patients recurred
Benign Phyllodes Tumor (23 of 41)42 years2.2cm (0.9-4.0 cm range)0/23
Cellular Fibroadenoma (11 of 41)31 years2.2cm (1.5-3.5 cm range)2/11
Indeterminate (7 of 41)48 years2.3cm (1.2-3.0 cm range)0/7

Of all the FEL, two cases (4.9%) with an original diagnosis of cellular fibroadenoma recurred as fibroadenomas after one and five years of follow up. The size of the recurrence was 1.2 and 0.9 cm. respectively.
Conclusions: As a group, CFL have a low proclivity for recurrence, even when enucleated with close or positive margins. Presence of histological features of benign phyllodes tumor did not correlate with increased recurrence potential.
Category: Breast

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