[269] CCN Expression in Ductal Proliferations; a Preliminary Study

Ozlen Saglam, Gokce Toruner, Kenneth G Haines. Yale University, New Haven, CT; UMDNJ, New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ

Background: CCN (Cysteine rich protein 61/Connective tissue growth factor/ Nephroblastoma overexpressed gene) family has several biologic roles including cell survival, differentiation, adhesion, migration and angiogenesis. Expression of CCN genes can enhance or suppress tumor cells, depending on the specific cancer. Aberrant expression of CCN1 is observed in many cancers, including infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast. The expression of CCN1 in pre-invasive ductal lesions, however, has not been studied in detail.
Design: 6 cases of Usual Duct Hyperplasia (UDH), 7 cases of Atypical Intraductal Hyperplasia (AIDH), 11 Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) grade 1, 9 DCIS grade 2 and 10 DCIS grade 3 were studied for CCN1 expression by immunohistochemistry. Solid, cribriform, micropapillary and papillary subtypes of DCIS were represented. All 11 DCIS-1, 4 of 9 DCIS-2 and 5 of 10 DCIS-3 were ER+/PR+. 3 DCIS-2 were ER+/PR-. The remaining cases were ER-/PR-. Staining for CCN1 in > 50% of cells was reported as “diffuse”, staining in 1-50% of cells was considered “focal”, and staining in <1% of tumor cells was “negative”. Cytoplasmic and nuclear staining were recorded separately.
Results: CCN1 immunostaining was primarily cytoplasmic, with focal nuclear staining limited to DCIS-3. UDH and surrounding benign breast tissue were negative for CCN1. AIDH was negative in 4, focal in 2 and diffusely positive in 1 case. DCIS-1 was negative in 3, focal in 3 and diffusely positive in 5 cases. DCIS-2 was focal in 2 and diffusely positive in 7 cases. DCIS-3 was diffusely positive in all 10 cases.

Conclusions: 1. CCN1 is not expressed in normal or hyperplastic breast ductal epithelium.
2. The frequency of CCN1 expression correlates with the grade of the in situ lesion, being present in all DCIS-3 cases examined.
3. CCN1 expression is independent of ER or PR expression.
Category: Breast

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