[1581] Deployment of an Orders Interface between SunQuest CoPathPlus (SQCP) and Dako's Automated Immunoperoxidase Staining Platform

Mehrvash Haghighi, Michael Czechowski, Kathleen Roszka, Mark Tuthill. Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI

Background: Immunoperoxidase staining of tissues has become an important routine aspect of pathology practice resulting in the development of automation technology to perform these assays. As orders are created in the AP laboratory information system (AP-LIS), it is a logical next step to interface such orders to the automated instrument platform eliminating dual order entry and associated errors, improving efficiency, and thereby increasing capacity. Other key problems resulting from manual ordering are duplication of order entry and errors that direct the instrument to apply the incorrect primary antibody to a slide. By automating the ordering process errors will be eliminated and the order accuracy will increase.

Design: This project was performed in two phases.
Phase 1: A unidirectional HL 7 interface was implemented between Sunquest CoPathPlus 4.1(SQCP) and a Dako Immunostain Platform which allows immuno-histochemistry orders placed in CoPath to be received in the DakoLink software.
Phase 2: CopathPlus was upgraded to version 6.0 which provides the Unique ID technology and allows for CoPath to send the unique slide ID to Dako. This means that Dako can read CoPath native labels eliminating relabeling step of the process.Validation testing compromised a major part of the project.

Results: The immediate impact of first phase was simplification of run setup. In second phase the relabeling step was eliminated which has led to further automation of the process and as a result increase in the saved time to 56 min per run for a total labor saving of 570 hours per year.
Conclusions: The elimination of dual order entry and relabeling the slides through automation markedly decreases assay run time, eliminates errors, and improves laboratory throughput.Also by reducing keystroke errors the order accuaracy will increase which would prevent the incorrect immunostain being applied to slide, with the potential for misdiagnosis.
Category: Informatics

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 1:00 PM

Poster Session VI # 260, Wednesday Afternoon


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