[1574] Customizing Anatomical Pathology Laboratory Information System (AP-LIS) Tools To Augment Laboratory Workflow, Reporting, and Patient Safety

Ioan C Cucoranu, Samuel A Yousem, Anthony Piccoli, Anil V Parwani, Liron Pantanowitz. UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA

Background: Most Anatomical Pathology (AP) laboratory operations rely heavily on their laboratory information system (LIS). Therefore it is not surprising that pathologists have looked to the AP-LIS to meet increasing demands to handle electronic transactions, to accommodate theranostics, implement barcoding and other quality controls to enhance patient safety. Our aim was to review the success of recent AP-LIS customizations performed at our institution to meet these needs.
Design: Our AP-LIS (CoPathPlus, Cerner, v3.3) generates over 7500 results weekly from over 200 users at 14 sites. We analyzed four key LIS customization tools (synoptic reporting, barcoding, pre-signout QA evaluation, theranostic summation) and their impact after implementation.
Results: We employed 65 templates for synoptic reporting that were used in 47,286 surgical pathology reports since implementation. They improved turnaround time, results standardization, and reduced transcription errors. Barcoding implemented at two facilities reduced slide mislabeling errors and helped drive workflow. An automated, pre-signout QA tool significantly decreased amended reports after implementation further preventing diagnostic errors. A comprehensive theranostic summary incorporating ancillary tests assists clinicians with patient clinical management.
Conclusions: Customization of our AP-LIS has permitted our laboratory to support evolving technologies including electronic reporting, asset tracking and molecular testing by incorporating them into daily operations. These efforts have improved and standardized our testing process, facilitated automation, as well as enhanced patient safety, QA measures, and clinical patient management. Future efforts will include further enhancements to improve workflow and reduce errors.
Category: Informatics

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 1:00 PM

Poster Session VI # 257, Wednesday Afternoon


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