[1322] Natural Killer Cell (NK) Subsets and NK-Like T-Cells (NKT) Vary in Acute Myeloid Leukemias (AML) and Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) and May Correlate with Survival in AML

Nidhi Aggarwal, Steven H Swerdlow, Stephen P TenEyck, Michael Boyiadzis, Raymond E Felgar. University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA

Background: NK and T-cell mediated cytotoxicity likely plays role in anti-tumor effects in AML and MDS. Data are limited regarding the specific percentages of NK, NKT, and NK subsets in AML and MDS.
Design: NK (CD3-, CD7+, CD56+), NKT (CD3+,CD56+ &/or CD16/57 +), & NK subsets (CD16/57+ vs CD16/57-) were evaluated in newly diagnosed 95 AML, 54 MDS, and 19 normal marrows by 8-color flow cytometry. AML and MDS were classified by WHO 2008 and modified IPSS (IPSS-R) (Blood 2012 120: 2454), with analysis of survival.
Results: Mean percent NK (± std dev) did not differ in MDS (12.3±8.8), AML (11.2±8.2) or normals (14.6±6.9). NK were significantly lower in other AML compared to high risk AML (hrAML) and normal marrows.

NK and NKT in AML, MDS, normal marrow (mean ±std dev)
Categoryn%Total lymphsT cells#NK like T cells#NK cells#CD16/57+ NK !CD16/57-NK !
AML, good prognosis: t(15;17, t(8;21), inv(16)1215.8±13.772.50±10.3212.49±5.688.05±5.16)0.89±0.080.11±0.08
hrAML- myelodysplasia related, t-AML4212.8±12.170.87±13.8017.51±10.5814.88±9.760.77±0.20.23±0.19
AML, NPM1 mutations1014.3±15.474.15±14.2414.66±11.415.98±3.590.91±0.070.10±0.07
AML, NOS3117.4±20.474.59±14.5218.68±13.369.26±5.460.81±0.180.19±0.18
MDS, low: IPSS-R: 1, 22618.0±9.077.05±9.1619.91±11.1414.34±8.060.80±0.180.2 19±0.183
MDS, intermediate: IPSS-R: 3522.6±5.680.78±4.2022.40±18.8111.59±3.470.83±0.140.17±0.14
MDS, high: IPSS-R: 4, 52323.2±10.479.66±14.1226.63±14.0110.15 ±10.020.77±0.190.23±0.19
Normal marrow1915.5±6.373.40±8.1113.93±10.5614.66±6.910.91±0.070.09±0.07
# %total lymphocytes, !Proportion of NK cells

NKT were significantly increased in high-risk MDS (hrMDS) vs normal (p<0.01) but did not reach statistical significance in low and intermediate risk MDS. No difference in NKT was seen within AML subgroups vs normal. Survival in AML appeared to correlate with NK and NKT. When hrAML alone were studied, NKT (p<0.05) remained predictive of survival and NK trended towards better survival.

NK and NKT did not predict survival in MDS. NK subset proportions did not predict survival in any group.
Conclusions: The proportions of NK and NKT vary in myeloid neoplasms and may independently predict survival in AML but not in MDS.
Category: Hematopathology

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 9:30 AM

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