[572] University of British Columbia Office of Biobank Education and Research (OBER): An Education and Support Resource for Biobanking and Translational Research

Lise AM Matzke, Sheila O'Donnoghue, Stefanie Cheah, Simon Dee, Sima Eshragh, Peter Watson. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada; BC Cancer Agency, Victoria, BC, Canada

Background: Biobanks are central to the process of collection of human biospecimens for translational research. The UBC Office of Biobank Education and Research (OBER), the first of its kind in Canada, aims to advance translational health research by establishing an international centre of excellence in biobanking education and support for biospecimen based translational health research.
Design: OBER is a novel concept to provide integrated support for BC and affiliated biobanks through education on biospecimen science and communication of best practices and standards for biobanking. Located in and funded by the UBC Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, OBER builds on and unites into a working entity both the machinery and resources of BCBiolibrary framework for BC biobanks (funded by Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research) and BC's contributions to national initiatives led by the Canadian Tumor Repository Network (CTRNet, funded by Canadian Institutes for Health Research).
Delivery of support services for new and established biobanks is through both online tools and in-person consulting and draws on extensive resources created by OBER and our partners by: 1) creation and delivery of education and training for a range of stakeholders involved in biobanking; 2) development and deployment mechanisms to communicate common protocols, standards and policies for biobanking; 3) promote establishment and maintenance of biobanks to support translational research; 4) facilitation, in collaboration with CTRNet, of registration/certification of biobanks in coordination with provincial and national and international biobanking organizations.
Results: The priority for OBER since its creation June 2011 has been to a) complete development of online biobank education tools in support of CTRNet's national registration and certification program; b) provide support to four hospital groups to establish biobank consenting mechanisms and development of practices and operations; c) begin creation of three online tools for biobank operations; d) compile component based solution packs for new and existing biobanks.
Conclusions: OBER has been established as a center to communicate common standards and policies amongst biobanks and between biobanks and the public through education and training.
Category: Education

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 9:30 AM

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