[285] Significance of Tumor CD24 and Stromal CD10 Expression in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Sumi Varghese, Nancy Lill, Charles Shapiro, Weiqiang J Zhao. Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus, OH

Background: Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), a subtype of breast cancer that is negative for ER, PR, and HER2, has a poor prognosis. Although a correlation between stromal CD10 and tumor cell CD24 expression and outcome has been demonstrated among different types of breast cancer, little is known about the significance of tumor CD24 and stromal CD10 expression levels in TNBC. The aim of this study was to evaluate tumor CD24 and stromal CD10 expression in TNBC and to examine their correlations with well known prognostic indicators of poor outcome such as tumor grade and, lymph node (LN) and distant metastasis in TNBC.
Design: A total of 130 TNBC patients (mean age of 51.5 ± 13 years; range 21-84; median 50 years) were enrolled in this study. A tissue microarray was built and the expression of biomarkers including ER, PR, HER2, CD10, CD24, p42/44 MAPK, and pStat3 was assessed by immunohistochemistry. Associations between clinicopathological variables and biomarkers were performed by MedCalc software.
Results: The histopathological and clinical correlation studies demonstrated that LN involvement (P=0.001, HR=3.309, .95 CI: 1.735-6.313) and distant metastasis (P<0.0001; HR=5.592, .95 CI: 1.871-16.715) were independent prognostic factors for reduced survival in TNBC patients. CD24 was detected in 69% and stromal expression of CD10 in 39% of TNBC. The over expression of tumor CD24 was frequently seen in patients negative for LN or distant metastasis (P<0.001). In contrast, over expression of stromal CD10 correlated positively with distant metastasis (P=0.04) and less strongly with LN involvement (P=0.08). No correlation was observed between clinicopathologic parameters and tumor p42/44 MAPK or pStat3 expression.
Conclusions: In this study, we confirmed that local LN and remote metastasis were robust prognostic indicators of poor outcome in TNBC. The absence of CD24 expression in tumors was associated with local lymph node and remote metastasis (P<0.001). In contrast, stromal CD10 expression was associated directly with remote metastasis (P=0.04) but less significantly with positive lymph nodes (P=0.08). These findings suggest that the absence of tumor expression of CD24 and stromal expression of CD10 might be surrogate markers for lymph node involvement and distant metastasis in TNBC. If the results are confirmed in larger studies, CD24 and CD10 expression could be used as prognostic biomarkers.
Category: Breast

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