[1836] Gender Differences and Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Expression in Uveal Melanoma

Lynn Schoenfield, Mary Beth Turell, Paula Carver, Scott Mackie, Ray Tubbs, Arun Singh. Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

Background: Older reports have not demonstrated estrogen receptor (ER) expression in uveal melanoma (UVM). A recent study reporting differences in incidence and metastasis-related mortality by gender prompted a re-examination of ER and progesterone receptor (PR) expression by immunohistochemistry with comparison to clinical outcome and chromosome 3 status.
Design: 33 cases of UVM from 2004-09 treated by enucleation were examined for incidence and survival. 23 cases were evaluated for ER and PR by immunohistochemistry. Chromosome 3 status was determined by FISH and SNP array analysis.
Results: There were 19 men (58%) and 14 women (42%). 11 patients were DOD: 8 men (67%) and 3 women (25%); 1 woman was alive with metastasis. 10 men (56%) and 8 women (44%) were alive without metastasis. 3 patients died of other causes. ER was positive in 7 women (11 positive cases) and negative in UVM arising in men (8 of 12 negative cases). PR was negative in 20 of 23 cases and weakly positive or negative in 3. ER did not predict either clinical outcome or chromosome 3 status. Of the ER positive cases, 4 were DOD and 6 were alive without metastasis. Of the ER negative cases, 5 were DOD and 6 alive without metastasis. When compared to chromosome 3 abnormalities, ER was positive in 9/18 monosomy 3 cases and 2/5 disomy cases.
Conclusions: Gender may play a role in UVM. ER expression was present in 48% of cases of uveal melanoma and more likely in women in this small study, but it does not appear to be prognostic. We propose further study, including quantitative evaluation using image analysis.
Category: Ophthalmic

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 1:00 PM

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