[1633] Implementation of a Web-Based Digtial Pathology Consutation Portal (DPCP) for Providing Second Opinion Consultation Services

William Cable, Jeff McHugh, Gonzalo Romero Lauro, Parwani Anil, Samuel A Yousem, Eugene Tseytlin. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Background: UPMC has developed a web-based tool for digital pathology consultation. The tool allows outside entities to enter case data and upload files, including whole slide images. The internal tool allows our pathologists to view requests and submit diagnoses securely at their computers.
Design: Web tool features:
Clients: offers SSL (https) secure login to submit patient data, upload images, view status, and view and print second opinion reports.
Host Pathologist: hosts the diagnosis tool where pathologists can view whole slide images, annotate and capture image snapshots, view clinical data, and submit diagnosis.
Host Consultation Services: allows managers to triage requests, monitor workflow, and maintain personnel data.
Host Transcriptionist: contains data entry fields for diagnoses dictated through current Dictaphone system.

Technology: The web portal features an asynchronous uploader supporting transfers of multi-gigabyte whole slide image files. The slide viewer is an internally-developed Java applet, supporting multiple WSI formats with annotation capabilities. The application was coded in ColdFusion.

Results: We set out to develop a tool that could accept large image files that was both robust and format-agnostic. The submission tool needed to capture necessary clinical information for consultation while being reliable and user-friendly. Security measures needed to be implemented to protect patient privacy. A streamlined workflow needed to be developed to ensure prompt turn-around time, and buy-in by institute pathologists.
Conclusions: The digital telepathology solution allows clients to quickly access the expertise of our institute pathologists. Our institute has worked to overcome the significant challenges inherent in web-based telepathology, making this solution viable for second opinion consultations.
Category: Informatics

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 1:00 PM

Poster Session IV # 233, Tuesday Afternoon


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