[119] Local Recurrence of Breast Cancer in Patients with DCIS Depending of the Margin Assessment

Eugenia Colon, Joseph Carlson. Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

Background: Ductal carcinoma in situ is a clonal proliferation of cells growing within the basement membrane of the breast with not evidence of invasion. This study was designed to collect follow up data on breast cancer patients with DCIS with subsequently local recurrence or no depending of margin assessment.
Design: We aimed to asses the local recurrence of DCIS recently diagnosed as DCIS in our department (2009-2010, 149 cases) and to compare the results with those previously reported over a similar period of time (2006-2007, 138 cases) depending of the margin assessment as described in the Table 1. In addition sections were reviewed to asses the outcome of the different subtypes of DCIS in association with/without LCIS, FEA, CCC. Clinical follow up was obtained from our medical records. Data was statistically analyzed using Chi-square or Fisher's exact test.

Table 1
2006-2007(% of total cases-138)2009-2010(% of total cases-149)
Characteristic Characteristic 
Age (years) Age (years) 
Mammographic size Mammographic size 
0-10 mm150-10 mm22
11-25 mm2811-25 mm45
Pathological type Pathological type 
Pathological size Pathological size 
0-10 mm70-10 mm15
11-25 mm4511-25 mm47
>25 mm48>25 mm38
Margins Margins 
Positive or <1 mm15Positive or <1 mm10
Negativ with 5-10 mm24Negativ with 5-10 mm27
Negativ with 11-25 mm40Negativ with 11-25 mm38
Negativ >25 mm21Negativ >25 mm25
Local recurrence Local recurrence 
Positive or <1 mm39Positive or <1 mm41
Negativ with 5-10 mm25Negativ with 5-10 mm24
Negativ with 11-25 mm28Negativ with 11-25 mm23
Negativ, >25 mm8Negativ, >25 mm2
Associated lesions25Associated lesions39

Clinical and pathologic characteristics of evaluated cases (based on initial histological reports).
Conclusions: We conclude that the assessment of margins and the early radiographic detection improved the prediction of the amount of residual tumor. A marginal distance > 25 mm showed small number of local recurrences. In addition, population-based mammography screening with technical improvements has resulted in increased detection of lesions <10 mm.
Category: Breast

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