[1057] NANOG Immunohistochemical Expression in Tumors

Myra Wilkerson, Fan Lin, Jianhui Shi. Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA

Background: The NANOG gene is located on human chromosome 12p13. The NANOG protein product is a homeobox DNA binding transcription factor that prevents differentiation of embryonic stem cells. Down regulation of the NANOG gene expression allows cell differentiation to occur. NANOG protein expression has been described in testicular intratubular germ cell neoplasia (ITGCN), classic seminoma, and embryonal carcinoma, but is not expressed in yolk sac tumors or teratomas. Published data on NANOG expression in other tumors is limited. In this study, we investigated the expression of NANOG protein in a large series of tumors from various organs using a single immunostaining system (Dako).
Design: Immunohistochemical evaluation of NANOG protein expression [Novus Biologicals, Nanog antibody (5A10)(NBP1-04320)] was performed on 998 tumors from various organs using tissue microarray sections. The staining intensity was graded as weak or strong. The distribution was recorded as negative (<5% of tumor cells stained), 1+ (5-25%), 2+ (26-50%), 3+ (51-75%), or 4+ (>75%).
Results: The positive staining results (%) and the total number of cases for each entity (N) are summarized in Table 1. Fifty-four of 998 cases demonstrated positive nuclear staining for NANOG protein and these cases consisted of testicular ITGCN, embryonal carcinoma, and classic seminoma.

Table 1. Summary of NANOG immunostaining in 998 cases
TumorN# Positive% Positive
Testicular ITGCN1717100
Testicular classic seminoma232295.7
Testicular embryonal CA161593.8
Testicular yolk sac tumor6  
Testicular spermatocytic seminoma1  
Testicular Leydig cell tumor3  
Urothelial CA primary to bladder31  
Pulmonary neuroendocrine CA62  
Pulmonary ADC97  
Pulmonary squamous cell CA45  
Pancreatic ductal ADC46  
Pancreatic endocrine CA14  
Clear cell renal cell CA30  
Papillary renal cell CA16  
Infiltrating duct CA of breast123  
Infiltrating lobular CA of breast48  
Esophageal ADC24  
Gastric ADC13  
Colonic ADC27  
Hepatocellular CA17  
Papillary CA of thyroid41  
Follicular CA of thyroid31  
Prostatic ADC124  
Ovarian serous ADC15  
Endocervical ADC13  
Endometrial ADC38  
Total tumors998545.4
ADC-adenocarcinoma; CA-carcinoma

Conclusions: Our data demonstrate that NANOG is a highly sensitive and specific marker for undifferentiated testicular germ cell tumors including ITGCN, classic seminoma, and embryonal carcinoma. NANOG does not appear to be expressed in testicular yolk sac tumors, or in tumors from other organs.
Category: Genitourinary (including renal tumors)

Monday, March 19, 2012 1:00 PM

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