[97] Breast Cancer (BC) in Mexican Women Younger Than Age 45 Years. A Clinicopathologic (CP) Study of 1,320 Cases.

Isabel Alvarado-Cabrero, Raquel Valencia-Cedillo, Sinuhe Barroso-Bravo. Mexican Oncology Hospital, Mexico, DF, Mexico

Background: Race is an independent risk factor in young women. It is presumed that BC in African countries occurs in younger age, similar to that seen in the African-American women. Also, literature data suggest that there is a disproportionate number of Latinas among young BC patients.
Design: From 1998 to 2009, 6,600 patients with BC were identified at our Institution, of those, only women ≤ 45 years old were analyzed. Clinical and pathological data such as: family history (FH), gynecologic concerns, stage, histologic type and grade were recorded. Tumor markers(ER, PR and HER2 Neu) were performed by immunohistochemistry. Here, we investigated, the frequency, the CP features and biomarker expression of women ≤ 45 years old with BC.
Results: There were, 1320(20%) cases with an age range of 25-45 (mean 38 yrs). Risk factors included: positive FH in 52(4%), use of oral contraceptives in 316(24%), age at menarche 12, range (11-15 yrs), parity 2, range (0-5 children). The mean tumor size was 4.5cm (2-14cm). Patients were staged as follows: 24(2%) Stage I, 345(26%) stage II, 714(54%) stage III and 237(18%) stage IV. Positive lymph nodes were present in 950(72%) patients. 1135(86%) cases were Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, 106(8%) mixed ductal/lobular, 53(4%) metaplastic, 13(1%) lobular and 13(1%), In situ. 1029 (78%) were grade III, 238(18%) grade II, 53(4%), grade I. A greater proportion of patients (38%) had luminal B tumors (ER/PR+ and HER2+ or ER/PR+, HER2- and grade 3) followed by Triple Negative (TN) (26%), Luminal A(19%) and HER2+ (17%).
Conclusions: At our Institution, 1320(20%) of 6,600 BC patients were ≤ 45 years old. These tumors have poor prognostic features such as: higher stage at presentation and a predominance of high-grade tumors. The Luminal B subtype was the most frequent followed by the Triple Negative.
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