[555] Development of a Comprehensive Surgical Pathology Website for Teaching and Self-Assessment at the Resident and Clinical Practice Level.

Cecilia Wu, David Rogers, Garth Olson, Lisa Cerilli. Univ of New Mexico, Albuquerque; Naval Hospital Pensacola, Pensacola, FL

Background: Mastery of surgical pathology is daunting for pathology trainees and clinicians in other specialties. Traditional learning methods rely on cumbersome and expensive textbooks as well as glass slides with faculty teaching, which is not always available. Review of the currently available on-line pathology resources revealed no comprehensive and well designed site tailored to the resident level and above. We built an on-line learning tool at SurgPath4U.com to showcase pathology images and information in an intuitive format. We hypothesized that learning pathology using this website provides more efficient learning compared to currently available on-line sources and textbooks.
Design: 14 Ob/Gyn residents at UNM were randomly divided into two groups (traditional learning versus our website) within their year of training. All were given a 32 question pre-test followed by a list of study topics. The traditional group then studied using textbooks and the internet, without access to SurgPath4U.com. Our website group exclusively used SurgPath4U.com to view cases.

A post-test of identical questions to the pre-test was given after two hours. To eliminate bias, all test questions and images were generated by a pathologist not familiar with the content of SurgPath4U.com.
Results: The overall pre-test score 36.4%, and post-test score was 50.9%. When separated by the learning method, the traditional group scored 37.5% in the pre-test and 45.1% in the post-test, with an improvement of 7.6%. The website group scored 35.4% in the pre-test and 56.7% in the post-test, with an improvement of 21.3%. The increase in post-test scores in the website learning group was significant (p=0.027).
Conclusions: To facilitate pathology education in all disciplines of medicine, we developed SurgPath4U.com, an user-friendly pathology website. Analysis of pre- and post-test of Ob/Gyn residents comparing traditional learning methods versus web-based learning demonstrated that residents using SurgPath4U.com learned more effectively. We conclude that SurgPath4U.com is a dynamic and innovative way to learn pathology.
Category: Education

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 9:30 AM

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