[544] Development of an Objective Assessment of Broad Range Daily Competence and Progress of Pathology Residents in Anatomic Pathology.

Michael O Idowu, Hugh D Massey, Christine Fuller, Carleton Garrett, Margaret M Grimes, Celeste N Powers. Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, Richmond

Background: The ACGME requires resident progress to be assessed in an objective, reliable and standardized manner. It is expected that Graduate Medical Education programs create tools to measure the six core competencies. We aim to demonstrate the utility of focused daily resident competency assessment.
Design: A “Daily Microscopic Evaluation Form” (Figure 1) is completed at daily sign-out by faculty for residents in anatomic pathology. Communication skills and the clinicopathologic evaluations are assessed at sign-out, during residents' case presentation, and frozen section result communication. Written tests based on cases presented at conferences are given quarterly. A comprehensive resident competency assessment database was created to continuously collate data collected.

Results: The database allows for quick access to a broad range of competency measures including proportion of cases diagnosed correctly, correct CPT codes, and resident ability to work-up cases and generate complete accurate final reports. All comments and data are retrievable. Data summaries (Figure 2) on each resident are reviewed by faculty at a monthly meeting; as data is continually updated, this allows for easy tracking to demonstrate performance improvement or need for remediation. Residents are provided comprehensive feedback based on these data summaries and faculty discussions.

Conclusions: Daily focused assessment provides a more objective system to replace traditional subjective evaluations. Collation of data into a searchable database allows us to monitor real-time progress, easily view a snapshot of the range of core competencies, and record ongoing improvement or need for remediation. Our residents' awareness of daily assessment and documentation has improved their preparedness for sign-out and conferences. This system has been accepted as part of the daily routine and appreciated as an improved system for resident evaluation.
Category: Education

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 9:30 AM

Poster Session III # 130, Tuesday Morning


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