[487] Anal Skin Tags with Granulomas: Association with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Symptoms.

Anna C Harris, Deborah Nagle, Steven Tahan. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Background: Anal skin tags are commonly inflamed, but rarely contain granulomas. This study was designed to assess the association of: 1. Granulomas in tags with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), 2. Granulomas in tags with symptoms, and 3. Symptoms in tags with IBD.
Design: 373 anal tags excised at BIDMC from 1/1/97 to 3/1/10 were studied. Twenty were from patients with IBD (16 Crohn's, 3 ulcerative colitis, 1 indeterminate). Histology was evaluated for granulomas, and clinical record reviewed for symptoms (irritation, pain, discomfort, etc.).
Results: 1. Six of 20 (30%) tags from IBD patients and two of 353 (0.6%) tags from non-IBD patients contained tuberculoid granulomas (P=0.0001). Fourteen (70%) IBD patients did not have granulomas. 2. Five of eight (63%) tags with granulomas and 138 of 365 (38%) tags without granulomas were symptomatic (P=0.27). Five of 143 (3.5%) symptomatic tags and three of 230 (1.3%) asymptomatic tags had granulomas (P=0.27). 3. Fifteen of the 20 tags from patients with IBD were symptomatic (P=0.001). Fifteen of 143 (10%) symptomatic anal tags were from patients with IBD, in contrast to five of 230 (2.2%) asymptomatic anal tags coming from patients with IBD (P=0.001).
Conclusions: Granulomas in anal skin tags are highly correlated with IBD. 2. Granulomas in tags do not correlate with the presence of symptoms, however asymptomatic tags are unlikely to contain granulomas. 3. Having symptomatic tags does not correlate with having IBD, however 75% of IBD patients have symptomatic tags.
Category: Dermatopathology

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 1:00 PM

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