[392] Comparison of HPV Detection Technologies; Hybrid Capture 2 (Qiagen), Full-Spectrum HPV (Genoid), Genoid Molecular Beacon Real-Time HPV Assay with Genotyping by Linear Array (Roche) and Genoid HPV ELISA Genotyping Assay in an Irish Colposcopy Population.

Helen E Keegan, Loretto Pilkington, Jamie Mc Inerney, Borbala Szenthe, Marta Benczik, Borbala Kaltenecker, Johanna Mozes, Anett Kovacs, Agnes Solt, Noel Bolger, Csaba Jeney, John J O'Leary, Cara M Martin. University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland; Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland; GenoID Ltd, Budapest, Hungary

Background: Cervical screening programmes are moving towards HPV testing as part of the screening process and as triage for colposcopy. We evaluated 3 HPV detection and 2 genotyping methods on liquid based cytology specimens from a colposcopy population. This study forms part of the AutoCast Consortium funded under the EU 7th framework and is supported by the Irish Cervical Screening Research Consortium CERVIVA formed under the Health Research Board.
Design: Cytology specimens from 241 women with greater than 2 persistently abnormal smears were recruited through the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital, Dublin. Smears were taken at first visit and prior to any procedure. Patients were examined colposcopically and a biopsy or Lletz performed. Cytological diagnoses were made using BSCC guidelines. HPV DNA was detected by Hybrid Capture (hc2) for 13 high-risk HPV types, Full-Spectrum HPV (FS-HPV) for 49 high and low-risk types and Molecular Beacon Real-Time HPV assay (MB-RTHPV) for 16 high and low-risk types. HPV genotyping was performed using Linear Array HPV Assay (LA) and HPV ELISA assay. Histology results were available for 186 cases.
Results: HPV was detected in 83.3% (195/234), 82.6% (199/241), and 70.1% (169/241) of cytology specimens by hc2, FS-HPV and MB-RTHPV HPV DNA detection assays. 198 specimens were valid by all three HPV detection assays. The sensitivity of the assays detection of HPV in cases with CIN2+ cytology were 100%, 99% and 95% for hc2, FS-HPV and MB-RTHPV assays with positive predictive values (PPV) of 94%, 93% and 94%. The sensitivity of the assays for the detection of HPV in cytology specimens that had a CIN2+ result by histology were, 98%, 99% and 94% for hc2, FS-HPV and MB-RTHPV assays with PPV of 94%, 93% and 97%. The most common HPV genotypes were 16, 31, 33, 58, 42, 61 and 53 for the LA assay versus 16, 31, 33, 42, 58, 51 and 66 by HPV ELISA.
Conclusions: The FS-HPV and MB-RTHPV show comparable sensitivity and have a similarly high PPV as the hc2 assay for HPV detection in CIN2+ patients. HPV genotype distribution was similar for all types with the exception of HPV18 which was detected more frequently using LA.
Category: Cytopathology

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 9:30 AM

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