[202] Reevaluation of Expression of Estrogen Receptor (ER), Progesterone Receptor (PR), GCDFP-15 and Mammaglobin in Carcinomas from Various Organs.

Haiyan Liu, Jianhiu Shi, Jeffrey W Prichard, Steven C Meschter, Fan Lin. Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA

Background: When working on a tumor of unknown origin, a breast primary is nearly always included in the diagnostic consideration, and a positive immunostaining profile for CK7, ER, PR, GCDFP-15 and mammaglobin supports the breast primary. However, the data in the literature are inconsistent and may not be entirely reproducible. In this study, we re-evaluated the expression of ER, PR, GCDFP-15 and mammaglobin in a large series of carcinomas from various organs using a single immunostaining system (Ventana XT).
Design: Immunohistochemical evaluation of the expression of ER, PR, GCDFP-15 and mammaglobin on 873 cases of carcinomas from various organs using tissue mircroarray sections was performed. The antibody information was summarized in Table 1.
Results: The positive staining results (%) and the total number of cases for each entity (N) are summarized in Table 2. No immunoreactivity for ER, PR, GCDFP-15, and mammaglobin was seen in lung ADC (N=55), lung SCC (N=49), papillary RCC (N=25), clear cell RCC (N=36), colonic ADC (N=38), papillary thyroid CA (N=45), follicular thyroid CA (N=36), esophageal ADC (N=30), gastric ADC (N=18), pancreatic ADC (N=70), cholangiocarcinoma (N=11), urothelial CA (N=40), prostatic ADC (N=100), adrenal cortical neoplasm (N=29) and hepatocellular C (N=18).

Table 1. Summary of the antibodies
AntibodyVendorCatalog No.CloneDilutionARIT
ERVentana790-4324SP1PrediluteCC1 Mild40 min @ 37°C
PRVentana790-22231E2PrediluteCC1 Mild24 min no heat
GCDFP-15Cell Marque257M-1823A3PrediluteCC1 Standard32 min @ 37°C
MammaglobinVentana760-426331-A5PrediluteCC1 Standard40 min @ 42°C
AR-antigen retrieval; IT-incubation time; min-minutes; no heat-without heat treatment

Table 2. Summary of immunostaining results
TumorER (%)PR (%)GCDFP-15 (%)Mammaglobin (%)
Breast ductal CA60 (102/169)29 (40/137)30 (53/176)41 (72/176)
Breast lobular CA (N=48)83714075
Endocervical ADC (N=17)122400
Ovarian serous CA (N=15)806000
Pancreatic endocrine neoplasm (PEN) (N=17)05300
ADC-adenocarcinoma; CA-carcinoma; RCC-renal cell carcinoma

Conclusions: Our data indicate that 1) mammaglobin and GCDFP-15 are highly specific markers for identifying a tumor of breast primary; 2) mammaglobin has a higher sensitivity than GCDFP-15 in the diagnosis of both lobular and ductal carcinomas; 3) if a gynecological primary and PEN are excluded, carcinomas from various organs are usually negative for both ER and PR.
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