[1604] Nestin, an Important Marker for Differentiating Oligodendroglioma from Astrocytic Tumors.

Sohaib H Abu-Farsakh, Ibrahim A Sbeih, Hussam A Abu-Farsakh. Jordan University, Amman, Jordan; Ibn Hytham Hospital, Amman, Jordan; First Medical Lab, Amman, Jordan

Background: Nestin is an acronym for neuroepithelial stem cell protein. It is an intermediate filament protein expressed in proliferating cells during the developmental stages in a variety of embryonic and fetal tissues. It is also expressed in some adult stem/progenitor cell populations, such as newborn vascular endothelial cell. Differentiation between astrocytic tumors and oligodenoglioma tumor is of paramount importance because of different lines of treatment and different prognosis.
Design: We performed Nestin immunostaining on paraffin blocks of 16 cases of astrocytomas of various grades (3 Glioblastoma, 3 anaplastic astrocytoma, 3 fibrillary astrocytoma and 7 Pilocytic astrocytoma) and on 12 oligodendroglioma (6 grade II, and 6 grade III). All cases of oligodendroglioma has confirmation by FISH for 1p 19q.
Results: Nestin staining was seen in all astrocytic tumors. The strongest staining was in glioblastomas and in Anaplastic astrocytomas.

Pilocytic astrocytomas show mostly focal and weak staining with strong staining of Rosenthal fibers. Grade II astrocytoma shows weak but more intense staining than pilocytic astrocytoma. No Nestin immunostaining was seen in any of the oligodendroglioma tumor cells, but Nestin stained the endothelial cells in oligodendroglioma as a positive internal control.

Conclusions: Nestin is an important immunohistochemical marker in differentiating oligodendroglioma from astrocytic tumors. Nestin, also, is helpful in grading astrocytoma.
Category: Neuropathology

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 1:00 PM

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