[1106] Clusterin Overexpression Promotes Angiogenesis in Primary Ovarian Cancer.

Josie M Munkberg, Guofen Yang, Yu Liu, Chun-Yang Fan. Univ Arkansas for Med Sciences, Little Rock, United States Minor Outlying Islands; The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen Univ Med Sciences, Guangzhou, China; Guangdong Specialty Hospital of Fertility, Guangzhou, China; Central Arkansas Veterans' Healthcare System and UAMS, Little Rock

Background: Clusterin, a multifunctional glycoprotein, is ubiquitously produced in mammalian tissues. While clusterin has been shown to play significant roles in many aspects of human tumor biology, such as cell proliferation, apoptosis, chemoresistance and angiogenesis, the relationship of clusterin expression with angiogenesis in ovarian cancer has not been studied.
Design: Immunohistochemical (IHC) staining for clusterin, VEGF and VEGF-R were performed on a Tissue Microarray (TMA) containing 181 primary ovarian epithelial cancer. These 181 tumors consisted of 119 serous carcinoma, 23 mucinous carcinomas and 39 other types of carcinoma (endometroid, mixed mullerian, clear cell, Brenner, and undifferentiated). A total of 170 cases were available for evaluation for all 3 markers. The levels of protein expression for these 3 genes were scored based on staining intensity and percentage of immunopositive cells and were correlated with one another.
Results: Among these 170 cases, clusterin, VEGF and VEGF-R were overexpressed in 94 (55%), 97 (57%) and 48 (28%) of the cases respectively. Among 94 tumors that overexpressed the clusterin, VEGF and VEGF-R were increased in expression in 66 (70%) and 29 (30%) cases respectively. By contrast, among 76 tumors without significant clusterin expression, overexpression of VEGF and VEGF-R were seen in only 31 (40%) and 19 (25%) of the cases.
Conclusions: Overexpression of clusterin in epithelial ovarian cancer appears to be correlated with increased tumor angiogenesis, consistent with the established role of clusterin as an oncogene in the biology of ovarian cancer.
Category: Gynecologic & Obstetrics

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 1:00 PM

Poster Session IV # 115, Tuesday Afternoon


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