[550] Flash-Based Interactive Glossary of Skin Reaction Patterns: A Digital Tool To Facilitate Training in Dermatopathology

J Miedema, J Woosley. University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC

Background: Many beginning dermatology and pathology residents find dermatopathology to be a daunting body of knowledge. One major factor causing resident intimidation is the multiple complex and varied reaction patterns that skin injury can produce.
Design: The goal of this project was to develop an interactive tool to help residents recognize and understand common skin reaction patterns. An inexpensive e-learning software program (Engage, Articulate Software, New York, NY), commonly used in the business world was used to create an illustrated and narrated interactive glossary of approximately 150 skin reaction pattern terms. These terms are arranged in alphabetical order. Clicking each term reveals a photomicrograph illustration of the skin reaction pattern, accompanied by an explanatory narration. Study of the glossary by residents before beginning their dermatopathology rotation helps them develop pattern recognition skills in dermatopathology.
Results: This interactive glossary of skin reaction pattern terms was provided to dermatology and pathology residents at our school of medicine. Residents find that this self-paced introduction to dermatopathology increases their ability to understand and absorb the constellations of skin reaction patterns leading to specific dermatopathology diagnoses.
Conclusions: The accessibility of dermatopathology to beginning residents is increased by providing an interactive glossary of skin reaction pattern terms.
Category: Education

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 9:30 AM

Poster Session III # 103, Tuesday Morning


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