[413] Use of the ThinPrep® Imager for Evaluation of Slides Stained Immunocytochemically with Cytoactiv®

R Hilfrich, A Weiss, HG Griesser. Cytoimmun Diagnostics, Pirmasens, Germany; Center of Pathology and Cytodiagnostics (ZPZ Köln), Cologne, Germany

Background: In Germany the Cytoactiv® test is commonly used for detection of HPV L1 capsid protein in conventional pap smears as well LBC specimens, as a biomarker to predict disease outcome of HPV high risk associated early dysplastic squamous lesions (Griesser et al, AJCP, in Press).Briefly, HPV L1 capsid protein negative early dysplastic lesions are significantly more likely to progress to histologically confirmed CIN 3 lesions than are L1 positive cases.
Design: The aim of this study was to evaluate the ThinPrep® Imager for evaluation of imaged ThinPrep slides immunochemically restained with Cytoactiv. Slides analysed with the ThinPrep Imager (Hologic, Bedford, MA) exhibiting LSIL or HSIL of moderate dysplastic type were used for immunochemical detection of the HPV L1 capsid protein with Cytoactiv (Cytoimmun diagnostics, Pirmasens, Germany) using the following procedure: 1.) Analyse imaged ThinPrep slides and use those classified as atypical LSIL or HSIL of moderate dysplastic type, 2.) Remove cover slip and stain with Cytoactiv, using manufacturer's instruction, 3.) Place ThinPrep slides with the initial barcode ID on the reviewscope, use the relocation function to mark the initially identified 22 fields of view (FOV), 4.) Evaluate Cytoactiv´s nuclear stain.
Results: The number of Cytoactiv positive cells on single ThinPrep slides ranged from 67 positive cells to 1 positively stained cell nucleus, Cytoactiv´s cut off value for a positive test result. The number of HPV L1 positive FOV ranged from 22 to 1.
Conclusions: Hologic´s ThinPrep Imager can be efficiently used to evaluate the Cytoactiv stain to speed up the reading of the stained result(s). To use this procedure is time saving and therefore economical, since it´s only necessary to focus on the 22 FOV instead of all the 120 visual fields of a single ThinPrep slide to screen for a Cytoactiv positive test result.
Category: Cytopathology

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 9:30 AM

Poster Session III # 71, Tuesday Morning


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