[1929] Dissection of the Heart – Ensuring Proper Practice through Portable Video Gross Dissection Demonstration

D Gui, M Fishbein, S Dry. UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Background: Pathologists and pathologists-in-training find cardiac dissection to be one of the most challenging gross examinations. In our experience, the heart is most often dissected incorrectly or incompletely. This has serious diagnostic implications. First, gross cardiac pathology often is equally or more critical to the diagnosis than the microscopic findings. Second, the success of cardiac transplantation has resulted in this being a common organ in both surgical and autopsy pathology practice. To ensure our residents learn proper cardiac dissection, we have created an instructional video of a complete heart dissection. This video is described herein and will be demonstrated live at the USCAP meeting.
Design: We used Sony RM-EV100 digital camera (overhead mounted) with high optical zoom, a JVC DVD recorder and an Intel Core 2 Duo Windows platform. Filming was done in the autopsy suite. One pathologist (MCF) wrote the script and performed the live dissection. The audio file was added to the image file with Adobe Premiere. The CD interface is created with Adobe Flash Creative Suite 4. The movie can be saved via Adobe Premiere in a multiple of formats (mov, avi, for mobile devices) to permit maximal flexibility.
Results: The movie is divided in 5 chapters: introduction, basic gross dissection and evaluation of external surface, dissection of coronary arteries, opening the heart, dissection of the AV node and Bundle of His and sampling of the heart for histology. Similar to recreational DVDs, viewers can select a particular chapter for viewing, as well as skip chapters, pause, etc. Approximately 90 minutes of playing time is available. We have provided the movie (avi format) on CDs for residents and pathology assistant students. In addition to the video, the complete audio text is made available as a separate Word file on the same CD. Residents and PA students have enthusiastically accepted this instructional video.
Conclusions: We have successfully created a digital gross instructional video for gross cardiac dissection. Given the enthusiastic response from residents and PA students, we plan to film additional gross video dissections. Additionally, we plan to place the cardiac gross dissection video on our server, accessible from the residents' internal website. We believe these types of videos will play an important role in pathology education, especially for complicated or rare gross dissections. To our knowledge, this is the first digital gross dissection instructional video worldwide.
Category: Techniques

Monday, March 22, 2010 1:00 PM

Poster Session II # 263, Monday Afternoon


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