[1750] Sophorolipids Decrease Pulmonary Inflammation in a Mouse Asthma Model

H Vakil, S Sethi, S Fu, A Stanek, S Wallner, R Gross, MH Bluth. Wayne State School of Meidcine, Detroit, MI; SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY; Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY

Background: Sophorolipids are promising modulators of the immune response. We have previously demonstrated that sophorolipids decreased (1) sepsis related mortality in preclinical models, (2) IgE production through downregulation of IgE regulatory genes in vitro and (3) OVA specific IgE in BAL fluid in vivo. Here we investigated the effects of sophorolipids on pulmonary inflammation and molecular profiles in an in vivo asthma model.
Design: Black c-57 mice were challenged with ovalbumin (OVA) via IP injection/nebulization. Sophorolipids or sucrose vehicle control was administered via nebulization pre and post full OVA asthmatic insult and animals were sacrificed after 14 days. Lung tissue was obtained and assessed for asthma severity determined by (1) perivascular and peribronchial inflammation (histopathology) and (2) expression of Galectin 3, NFκB and Mucin1/2 (immunohistochemistry). Data are reported as mean observations of 10 scanned fields/mouse (100x magnification) and significance between groups was determined by student's t-test.
Results: Lungs obtained from mice exposed to full OVA induction regimen demonstrated pulmonary evidence of asthma as evidenced by perivascular and peribronchial inflammation which was decreased with nebulized sophorolipids (perivascular: 13 vs 6, p=0.05; peribronchial 12 vs 5, p=0.004). Furthermore, sophorolipid treated animals had a 50% increase in perivascular expression of Galectin3 compared with vehicle-treated asthmatic mice (4 vs 8, P=0.03). However expression of NFκB, MUC 1 and MUC2 did not differ between treated and control animals. No adverse effects were observed at all doses tested.
Conclusions: Sophorolipids decreased asthma severity in experimental asthma (>50%) by modulation of pulmonary inflammation and Galectin 3. These data continue to support the utility of sophorolipids as an anti-inflammatory agent and novel potential therapy in allergic asthma.
Category: Pathobiology

Monday, March 22, 2010 9:30 AM

Poster Session I Stowell-Orbison/Surgical Pathology/Autopsy Awards Poster Session # 226, Monday Morning


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