[1694] Metastatic Carcinomas Presenting as Dural-Based Masses Mimicking Primary Intracranial Neoplasia

NM Savage, CH Alleyne, R Figueroa, S Sharma. Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA

Background: Clinical presentation with dural-based metastasis mimicking meningiomas is rare and described mostly as case reports from diverse primary locations. Proposed pathways include vascular spread and direct extension from calvarial or brain metastases.
Design: We retrospectively reviewed 6 cases with resection of dural-based metastatic carcinomas; five were clinically suspected to be meningiomas and one superficial glioblastoma.
Results: Patients' ages ranged from 59 to 80 years. MRIs showed extra-axial dural-based masses with contiguous but not primary brain involvement. The histopathologic and immunohistochemical diagnoses are tabulated. All primary sites were confirmed by subsequent clinical and radiologic evaluation except one case with immunoprofile for colorectal cancer where workup has yet to reveal a primary tumor.

Features of Dural-Based Metastases
Age/SexLocationRadiology ImpressionImmunoprofilePath Proposed PrimaryConfirmed PrimaryMode of Primary Confirmation
78/MFrontal, temporal, & parietalMultiple meningiomatosisCK20+, PSA+, CK7-ProstateProstateChart review; Previous outside diagnosis
75/ML parietalMeningiomaPankeratin+, PSA+, CK7-, CK20-, TTF1-, CDX2-ProstateProstateCT showing enlarged prostate & bladder invasion
59/FL frontalMeningioma or metastasisPankeratin+, CK7+, CK20-, TTF1-, CDX2-, ER-, PR-BreastBreastSubsequent breast biopsy showing invasive ductal carcinoma
80/MR parieto-occipitalMeningiomaPankeratin+, CK7+, TTF1+, chromogranin+, CK20-, CDX2-LungLungCT showing lung mass with hepatic & adrenal metastases
71/FL frontalMeningioma or metastasisCK20+, CK19+, CDX2+, CK7-, TTF1-Colorectal?N/A
59/MR parietalGBM involving duraCK7+, CK19+, CK20-, TTF1-, CDX2-, PSA-Lung, upper GI, pancreatico-biliary, or head & neckLungPET showing lung mass

Conclusions: It is important for Neurosurgeons and Neuropathologists to be aware that carcinomas of diverse primary sites, including prostate, can present with dural-based masses radiologically mimicking meningiomas; therefore the surgery type can be suitably modified based on frozen section diagnosis. Moreover, a judicious combination of a screening immunohistochemical panel in conjunction with relatively specific transcription factors and hormone receptors can determine the primary tumor site with reasonable precision and guide oncologic therapy.
Category: Neuropathology

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 1:00 PM

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